Tiago Mestre



Smoke gets in your eyes


Curadoria de KikiMazzucchelli

Kupfer Projects, Londres, 2019






    Smoke gets in your eyes

    Tiago Mestre’s solo exhibition Smoke gets in your eyes presents a group of ceramic sculptures that seem to occupy a fluid position between binary ideas of nature versus artifice and fleetingness versus permanence. Smoke as a diaphanous and mysterious substance, water as an ever-flowing element, and the mashrabiya– a type of latticework used in modern Brazilian architecture -, create a set of relationships between the works. By approximating these images, Mestre aims to interrogate the appropriation of nature through systematic cultural though, while also attempting to confer landscape with an idea of stylisation or constructive grammar. Sculptural language and making are posited here as the organising parameters in the construction of an emotional and inconclusive narrative related to the ideas of visibility and desire. Tiago Mestre is currently an artist in residence at Gasworks, London.

Kiki Mazzucchelli