Tiago Mestre




Centro Cultural Porto Seguro, 2019


    Smog talks about the tradition of sculptural artistic making, proposing a reflection on issues related to the relationship between background and form, materiality, production processes, and the discursive capacity of the image. This work also echoes in the modernist culture linked to the meaning of the monumental public work of art. However, contrary to modern progressive ideas, this work points to a critique of the idea of synthesis with architecture and a failure of unitary discursively. It is a polyphonic “landscape”, scattered, thought of as a narrative, whose events, or characters, are accidentally organized, carried by a current or arising here and there, as remnants of a scene. This fog, made of sloppy, imperfect but systematic mass, casts a bleary, dispassionate look upon the attempt to construct a narrative, or a story. It is, in short, a work on forgetfulness.