Tiago Mestre

    My work is concerned with the idea of displacement, both in terms of discipline and territory. Originally trained as an architect, my sculptures and installations reflect my status as a portuguese artist living and working in Brazil and the historical associations of human and artistic flows between the two countries. The work actively resists a singular reading and engages with different symbolic and anthropological registers through a critical approach to materiality, elaboration and modes of presentation. Ceramics as sculpture appears in my work with this aim of displacement, causing a process of redefinition and reframing of its mediums.

    Using materials such as clay, bronze, plaster and paint, my work establishes a constant negotiation between project and unpredictability, between program and expressive freedom. My paintings and sculptures share technical procedures (on production) and modes of display (on reception), presenting themselves more as questioning systems than as fixed genres or statutes. Regarding my recent body of work, I would emphasize a growing capacity to critically relate to the achievements of the project of modernity, its controversial key figures and its artistic myths and narratives of originality, development and social organization.


Tiago Mestre (Portugal, 1978)

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil


Academic training


2013 | 2016 – Master degree in Architecture, FAU/USP- University of São Paulo, Brazil

2009 | 2010 – Advanced Course in Painting from Ar.co, Lisbon, Portugal

2008 | 2009 – Independent Study Programme – Maumaus, Lisbon, Portugal

1996 | 2001 – Graduation in Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal


Solo shows


2021 – “Grotta”, SESC Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil (scheduled)

2020 – “Boa tarde às coisas aqui em baixo” with Dudi Maia Rosa, São Paulo, Brazil

2019 – “Smog”, Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, São Paulo, Brazil

2019 – “Tiger, tiger”, Festival de Cultura Inglesa, São Paulo, Brazil

2019 – “Smoke gets in your eyes” (curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli)– Kupfer Projects, London, UK

2018 – “More news from nowhere” (text of Jacopo Crivelli Visconti), Colégio das Artes de Coimbra, Portugal

2017 – “Noite. Inextinguível, inexprimível noite.” (text of Kiki Mazzucchelli), Galeria Millan, São Paulo, Brazil

2016 – “Foundation” (curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti), Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil

2016 – ”La Californie” (curated by Bruno Mendonça), Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil

2015 – “Asa Nisi Masa”, Galeria Central, São Paulo, Brazil

2014 – “All the Things You Are” (curated by Marina Coelho), Kunsthalle São Paulo, Brazil

2013 – “Speech” (curated by Paulo Miyada), Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, Brazil

2012 – “Secret Life of Materials” (curated by Fernando Oliva), Centro Cultural Sérgio Porto, Rio de Janeiro,

             Brazil (Internationalization Support Program – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

2009 – “Specific Sunset“, Wiels Residency Projects, Brussels, Belgium

2004 – “Tiago Mestre – painting and drawing”, Museu Jorge Vieira, Beja, Portugal


Group shows


2019 – “Barefoot”(curated by Tonico Lemos Auad, Large Glass, London, England

2019 – “EveryThing Must Go”, Assembly Point, London, England

2019 – “Smog”- Kubikulo Project, Kubik Gallery, Oporto, Portugal

2019 – “Open Studio”, Gasworks, London, England

2018 – 13º leilão Anima, Galeria Luisa Strina – blombô, São Paulo, Brazil

2018 – “Unidos da Barra Funda”, Casa Barra Funda, São Paulo, Brazil

2018 – “Jardim das delícias. Juízo final”, Galeria Cavalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2017 – “So different, so attractive”, (curated by Paul Miyada), Galeria Carbono, São Paulo, Brazil

2016 – “Completely something else”, (curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti), Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Chipre

2016 – “Raid_8”, (curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti), Galeria Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo, Brazil

2016 – “Leilão de parede”, PIVÔ – Arte e Pesquisa, São Paulo, Brazil

2016 – “Open Studio”, PIVÔ – Arte e Pesquisa, São Paulo, Brazil

2015 – “Festival Arte Atual – Coisas sem Nomes”, (curated by Paulo Miyada), Inst. Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo, Brazil

2011 – “Escape”, (curated by Jürgen Bock), Lund’s Konsthall, Sweeden

2009 – “Liquid archives”, (curated by Anna Schneider), Platform3, Munich, Germany

2009 – XV Bienal de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal


Publications in Visual Arts


– Ânima (visual essay), Wrongwrong online magazine, (2018)

– “Raid_8”, exhibition catalog, Galeria Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo, (2016)

– “All the Things You Are”, artist book, Kunsthalle São Paulo, (2014)

– “Estado de Atenção”, exhibition catalog, Casa da Cerca, Almada, Portugal (2010)

– “Mandei-o matar porque não havia razão”, exhibition catalog, Editora Fenda, Lisboa, (2010)

– “Liquid Archives”, exhibition catalog, Platform3, Munich, (2009)


Artist Residency Programs and Grants


– Gasworks, London, (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation grant), (2019)

– Troy Town Pottery, London (2019)

– PIVÔ – Art and Research, São Paulo, Brazil (2016)

– FAAP – Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo, Brazil (2010)

– Metropolis Alliance | WIELS Residency, Brussels (2009)

– INOV – Art, “Arte – Cidade”, São Paulo, Brazil, (DGartes grant) (2010)